BILLY red and white tiger

BILLY red and white tiger


My name is BILLY and I am made from 99% sheep wool. The remaining 1% is wool roving and I mean my eyes, my nose and my pretty whiskers.
I was originally a woolly non-woven mat until I was lovingly hand-felted, caressed and pressed until I looked the way I do now. Purr!
I am a red and white tiger.

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  • Size information

    Width: 60 centimeters

    Height (without cat ears): 33 centimeters

    Depth: 30 centimeters

    Entrance: 22 centimeters (larger entrance possible on request)


    The sizes are approximate as they are handmade.

  • Care instructions

    The cat cave is made of dimensionally stable, robust felt.

    Sheep wool is naturally dirt and odor repellent. Just tap for maintenance. If necessary, hand wash with lukewarm water or moisturizing shampoo / wool detergent. Then tap or brush well again.

  • Versand

    Versandkosten innerhalb Deutschland: EUR 7,49

    Versandkosten innerhalb EU: EUR 17,99

    Versandkosten Schweiz: EUR 29,99

    Versandkosten USA: EUR 37,99

    Versand weltweit auf Anfrage.

    ​Bei Lieferungen ins Ausland können Zölle, Steuern und Gebühren anfallen, die im angezeigten Gesamtpreis nicht enthalten sind. Diese Kosten sind vom Käufer zu tragen.


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